AREA10 is the only venue I’ve ever seen treehouses hanging from the ceiling whilst music blares from a bedouin tent. In fact, I’ve been to loads of great events there and I’ve recently discovered it’s closing down.

“London’s independent art spaces are closing down at a worrying rate, and Peckham’s Area10 could be the latest victim. Over just two weeks following the closure of The Foundry, Shunt, and Barden’s Boudoir, Area10 is now being threatened with closure by Southwark Council.” – Lucky PDF

To counter this Oliver Hogan and his gang of assorted South London artists have pulled together a spectacular night of entertainment at which we can champion the cause.

There’s a petition at if you want to voice your opinion.

Pictures Music represents, sending Young Montana?, Throwing Snow who’s working on a special one time performance with Red Bull Music Academy’s Amenta and Chairman Kato to entertain. Get down to Peckham this Saturday, wear or bring something that says SAVE AREA10 and enjoy a night that’s going to go down in history with the help of Vice Magazine who are covering the night.

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