Yimmy Yayo‘s site is glued firmly to the top of my bookmarks, I think it’s the best photoblog on the net. I asked Yimmy Yayo some questions.

What is Yimmy Yayo?

Yayo is my Mr. Hyde. It started as a place to keep all the images I’d been finding and referencing for my own work, but to also share them with anyone who was interested enough to look.

Why do you keep doing it, it must be a lot of work?

It’s actually crazy how time consuming it can be, some days I can’t even go near it. Other days, or more often nights, I’ll spend hours digging through the internet for things I like. It’s definitely evolved from a side project, into it’s own creative endeavour, giving me opportunities to do things and meet people all over the world.

Just out of interest what do you do in your day to day?


Yimmy Yayo