So last week in our Lomo article we were all about film, lamenting the digital age and generally ranting about throw-away snaps. I’m glad they didn’t get me started on Hipstamatic… Weirdly enough the next day music supervisor Matt Kaleda sent me this picture from a trip to Rye beach. I was really impressed, he’s all over design and architecture but I didn’t realise he took photography seriously.  I asked what he took it on, “it’s just an iPhone pic“.

I remember getting some great pictures through from Juan Mateus a while ago too, I got back in touch because they were really small and I wanted bigger ones. These pictures were amazing, I mean the composition was really interesting and the colours were great. Another photographer, I thought, assuming he’d just send me back bigger images but no, more iPhone pics. I suppose having a camera in your phone is kind of cool after all, it’s not every day you have your camera with you and see forty foot of red hair billowing from a Soho shopfront.Go further into this cameraphone photography thing and you’ll find Errol Rainey. Errol’s a full time filmmaker and photographer but living within the world he photographs means there’s always something to capture, on camera or otherwise. For Errol, phone pics have become a longterm project and something of an obsession, documents the results.

Matt Kaleda

Juan Mateus

Errol Rainey