This week we’re lucky enough to share some incredible images from Reuben Wu. One part of Ladytron, this music producer and photographer is now concentrating on his first photographic publication Svalbard. A couple of the images below form part of this project.

When did you start taking photographs?

When I was 6 I got an Agfamatic 110 camera. My godmother had bought me a toy gun for Christmas and my parents didn’t approve, replacing it surreptitiously with a camera before giving it to me. I took my first photographs at Dinosaur World in Colwyn Bay. The only two photos which came out were the plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex and a topless cavewoman.

You’re a musician right? How does that affect the way you use the camera?

I think I experiment with photographic equipment in the same way I use an instrument in the studio, ie never in a conventional way, combining processes and layering filters. I do love old cameras but the main thing is always the photograph. Being in the band also allows me to visit new places and feeds my wanderlust.

Tell me a little about this forthcoming book?

It’s a book of my photographs of Svalbard, which is a frozen archipelago high up in the arctic circle. I was there for a week and spent most of the time on a snowmobile and sleeping in tiny cabins in the wilderness. At an average temperature of minus 20 degrees, everything becomes exceedingly difficult, from taking a photograph in a blizzard to eating lunch outside which freezes before it gets to your mouth. I plan to release it in June.
Reuben Wu