Based in Tokyo, Nuno Moreira is an independent designer and photographer, these images are from his “State Of Mind” series.

“There are moments when your body freezes. You see someone with which you instantly identify. You pause to think ahead.
You get caught in your own mind or someone else’s ideas.
This state of mind happens frequently and with many people around that you don’t even notice.
Curiously, our emotional states specially the positive moods are scientifically proved to enhance the peripheral vision and increase the extent to which the brain encodes information.
Emotion influences every aspect of cognition; even aspects of sensory processing that seem to have nothing to do with feeling or passion.
Therefore, what you’re feeling profoundly influences what you see and how you see things.
Our mind is truly an emotional machine.
We need this outside perspective and input to shift from what is mental to what is rooted in reality.
Without an outside view we would be completely lost.
These photos were captured in Russia, Portugal, Japan, Mexico and Spain.
They are an outside view from each particular state of mind.
This is an on-going project.”

Nuno Moreira