Megan Sharp always wanted to be a film director but somehow ended up studying photography at the London College of Fashion.  Originally from Gloucestershire , the transition from Royal Forest-of-Dean College to London’s fashion cicuit came as a bit of a shock.

“After my first year at Fashion college I really got sick of it. I started to loathe fashion and its shallowness, the bitchy people, it’s so materialistic and I hadn’t been brought up like that at all. I became really involved in the music scene and made a lot of friends within it, particularly the ’dubstep’  and ‘electro’ scene. I started to take portraits of DJs as a way to channel my photography away from fashion. My first portrait was of DJ Raffertie, and I have a lot to thank him for, because now I have photographed people like Starkey, Toddla T, De Tropix and 16bit.”

With a photographic career fast developing outside of college, Megan’s final major project posed a bit of a problem:

“I really didn’t want to do a fashion project! I had to decide whether to do a project for the grades or do a series of photos which I would be proud of and would want to represent me for the rest of my life; I went for the latter. In the end my argument to the examiners was that my photography is not Fashion Photography but fashionable photography (backed up by evidence from flickr!)”.

An arguement that won her a 1st and the highest mark in her class. The series is entitled ‘Intimate Immensity’.

“‘The images explore the inner and outer cosmos, Bachelard’s concept of ‘Intimate Immensity’, the circle as a portal and a ‘geometric architype of the psyche’ (Dr. Jung), a baby’s ‘Mirror Stage’ (Lacan), our place in the universe, photographic frame = eye, entering an image mentally and photography as alchemy and asking the camera to work counter intuitively as a tool to learn about the universe.”

Megan Sharp