I came across Lucy Wilson’s untitled projection at the Goldsmiths degree show. The image was projected from above onto the floor, the viewer was handed headphones that played a soundtrack. It made for a very personal experience in a large open room full of projections and sculpture.

Where did you get the source images for this piece?

I created this series of high definition still images through close up personal investigations into selected structural and textural aspects of the organ at Southwark Cathedral. I subsequently digitally manipulated these aspects to create a sleek monochromatic result.

What was your thought process when you decided to project onto the floor from above?

The floor projection offers the viewer a multiplicity of opportunities with which to engage with the art form; in contrast to a wall mounted image which offers a limited engagement through a narrow field of viewpoints. I wanted to observe the various reactions to the piece afforded by the permission to walk across, jump on, tread carefully around or be completely oblivious to the floor space receiving the projection.

Tell me a little bit about the soundtrack.

In order to echo the limited visual palette I decided to focus on a range of low-pitched audio frequencies through the medium of a bass tester. I was attempting to produce a synergy which allowed sufficient space for an imaginative and reflective personal response.