So it’s not every day you’re sitting in a flat in Berlin with Rudi Zygadlo and Jimmy Edgar, that’s how we got these. I asked Jimmy why he takes pictures.

“I like inspiring people to get into their own.  Unfortunately sometimes this comes off as fake, contrived, and posed.  But you can still see into someone’s being whether they are doing it right or the latter.  This motif is exactly what it appears, a drunk night after a live gig of mine in LA with a friend of mine who I had not seen in a while.  I thought it was interesting how she mentioned her plastic surgeon but denied ever getting her lips done.  This is kind of my reply to culture, something like a reply to “Lady Gaga fame monster” ideology and how it does affect all of us.  The fact is she getting it on with a mannequin just further instills the idea.  Both a darkness and my finger blurs out two shots like a lurking doom impending around the corner, and keeps the humanistic vibe and throws out any kind of voyeurism because you feel you are me, in a way, the photographer.”

It’s not like you haven’t heard Jimmy Edgar’s incredible music but if you haven’t it’s raw and “Hot Raw Sex” is a good place to start, kind of works with the pictures too. Check out the rest of his work at the bottom of the page.

Jimmy Edgar