Amaury was born in Florida but moved to Hong Kong when he was four years old living there for most of his childhood. In his teens, Amaury later moved with his mother to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but at age 15 relocated to Paris with his father, after getting in quite a bit of trouble in the States. On moving to England, he realized that he “greatly preferred toffee poppets over icy donuts” and he has lived here ever since.

I rather like the view of the world Amaury captures.

“I have been living in the UK for three years now, thereby discovering a fascinating culture and a “burnt alive” society. So far so good, so good so far. I could call it a diary. A diary of  England. A diary of a broken culture. Something simple. Something true. Snapshots of simple things. Snapshots of true things. “Point and shoot” culture for “point and shoot” photography.”

Amaury’s website is DEFINITELY worth a look, bizare but worth a look especially for the photos his parents took whilst cavorting naked in french fields.

Amaury Guillais