Touring with Gold Panda and Dam Mantle whilst selling out a run of “Nightcycles” pressed by Tough Love set Seams off to a very strong start. Having already released a free album and attracted hundreds of followers this represented the next step. Always a musician, James Welch went through school playing guitar in bands, often taking the role of producer. Starting out on four track tape he moved onto Logic then Ableton Live and most recently stepped back to tape incorporating a cassette dictaphone into his production setup.

Most electronic music fans will recognise in Seams’ organic sound a reference to traditional songwriting and structure. I’m sure for a new generation of listeners Seams will be the gateway drug to electronica for those kids that grew up listening to guitar music. Seams also invokes a fascination in his followers through his use of unpretentious concepts. His release on Pictures Music “Tourist” documents a summer spent living in Berlin with a laptop and a Dictaphone. The four tracks guide you sonically through Berlin’s different atmospheres with field recordings chopped and looped over subtle synth and drum work. Look out for the limited edition cassette tape which will be available at the next few Seams dates. Context is important in his music. ”Nightcycles” was composed around sounds from midnight bike rides.

“As I don’t write songs with words, recreating moods and experiences is much more what I’m about I guess. There is still a meaning behind the music, it’s just slightly less literal. When people told me they listened to “Nightcycles” when riding their bikes at night, that totally was a win for me.”

Seams has a wonderful presence online, he prides himself on being an early adopter and embracer of new ideas and technologies. Self released “A Juvenile Rush” was bartered in return for email addresses and a quick internet search reveals a flow of information and chit chat between friends, virtual or other wise he has met along the way.

“To me it’s essential these days to have a relationship with people who listen to your music, it’s not a one way thing.  Especially when making music where there isn’t a local scene. The internet has really enabled a niche and community to develop.  Getting feedback on mixes thru soundcloud was a big thing for me, and getting involved in other peoples discussions about music, industry and tech, makes it about more than just the tunes, it’s an entire ecosystem of lovely linked things : )”