We first heard of Lapalux through his gigs around East London. Since age twelve, Essex’s Stuart Howard has been fixated on sound.

“I used to get home from school and spend hours making little lo-fi loops and songs using the primitive riff editor on my PlayStation. I used to use an mp3 player with an inbuilt microphone to record conversations with friends and sounds with interesting dynamics and tonality. I’d collect them all up, get home, and spend hours at the computer making music out of all the random recordings. I think that’s why Ive always liked being a solo artist because it gives me the freedom to do specifically what I want to do.”

“I’m a very visual person. A lot of inspiration gets drawn out from me when I’m visually stimulated and I try to relate the way I feel about it to my music. I like to have a photo or a picture of something near me when I write music. I see an image and try and turn it into music.” Perhaps this explains why Lapalux’s music is so full and textured.

When we mastered “Many Faces Out Of Focus” the engineer couldn’t quite believe the amount of sound squeezed into these subtle productions. Hours of thought must have gone into the collection of extremely carefully arranged tracks that exist within a unique sonic space.



Megan Sharp