Born out of collaboration between three producers talented in their own right, Dark Sky represents a passion for music lived out on London’s bass music scene. Reticent to genre-ate with many diverse influences channelled into this project, it’s safe to say dark sky feel at home DJing that 2010 club scene we’ve watched grow out of UK garage, funky and grime. It’s loosely termed dubstep.

All three born in South London, it was only a matter of time before these minds would meet. Tom and Matt hooked up first forming the Boogaloo crew, producing tracks that have caught the attention of New York bass label, Trouble and Bass and putting on nights all over London whilst they were still too young to get in. Moving to Dorset at an early age, Carlo gravitated back towards his roots in London, finding a production style tapping out beats in down time at the studio he was meant to be working at.

The three came together when Carlo and Tom hooked up on the live sound course at Alchemea. It was 2009. We heard one demo and jumped at the opportunity to push them.



photographs David Richardson