As a young boy Kato dreamt of appearing as MC Hammer on ‘Stars in Their Eyes’. It’s sad to see how years of Gaviscon abuse and repeated viewings of ‘Eraserhead’ turned this ambitious child into the shadow of the man we see before us now. By day he sits in his favourite oriental teashop, pondering life’s great mysteries in a state of near-catatonia. At night he stirs from his slumbers to make music after hours, concocting fuzzy beat escapades that channel the tortured souls of Travis Bickle, Patrick Bateman, Theo Parrish, The Dramatics, and that bloke with the funny voice from Police Academy.
He does this with the simple aim of creating music that he hopes is metallic, corroded, beautiful and ‘well hench’.

When we first met Kato and conversation moved towards  Pictures Music, we weren’t to realise his interrogative questioning  style was not just conversational eccentricity. A few days later when he passed us a CD we were blown away. Chairman Kato was to be forthcoming on Pictures Music.




Photograph Dan Medhurst